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The "pc2000" Nodes

The "pc2000" Nodes

Machines and Interfaces

The "pc2000" machines are Dell Precision Workstation 340s with a single 2GHz processor, 512MB of RAMBUS RAM, and 2 7,200Â RPM 20GB IDE disks. Each has 4 available 100Mb experimental net interfaces in the form of 2 dual port Intel Pro/100 PCI cards.

Each node also has a single Intel IXP1200 Network Processor in the form of an ENP2505 (Bridalveil) card. See the Emulab IXP document for details on how these are integrated into Emulab.

All machines have serial console lines accessible from via the "console" command or remotely via the tiptunnel interface.

Images and Kernel Support

Currently, the Emulab standard FreeBSD images prior to FreeBSD 7 (FBSD410-STD, FBSD54-STD, FBSD61-STD), and Linux images (RHL90-STD, FC4-STD, "legacy" RHL73-STD) will run on these machines.

NOTE: at this time, only the RHL73-IXPHOST image has IXP support. The IXP will be ignored in all other kernels (see Caveats below).

For custom images, no special drivers are needed if you do not want to use the IXP devices.


  • Windows does not run on these nodes. We have never been able to make a Windows system work on these, possibly because of the IXP cards.
  • FreeBSD 7 does not run on these nodes. It blows up in the ACPI code during booting. It also blows up at boot time if ACPI is disabled. Again, possibly because of the IXP cards.
  • Access to the second disk is slower than to the primary disk. This is due to the second disk being connected to the primary IDE controller "slave" rather than the secondary IDE "master." NOTE: at this time, pc170 does have the second drive connected to the master.