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Emulab FAQ: Getting Started: Will Emulab send me email messages?

Emulab FAQ: Getting Started: Will Emulab send me email messages?

Yes! Emulab uses email notifications to you in several different ways. Often it will send you a copy of information regarding experiments you set up, applications to projects, and other things you do at Emulab. Sometimes (like with account verification) the email is a critical part of being able to use Emulab.

For those reasons it is critical that any spam filtering software you have accept email from Emulab itself (anything coming from the domain) and from Emulab staff (from the or domains). In many cases, it may also say that is from a specific machine in those domains. Our messages usually do not get flagged as spam by most filters, but in certain cases it can be a problem. It is also important that it not require manual intervention or confirmation to get emails through to you, so programs like SpamKiller can cause problems.

It is also important to read your email often while you are using Emulab, especially while you have machines reserved in an experiment. A few emails may be the only notification you'll get before we swap out an experiment that appears to be idle, and if you don't respond, you may lose important work. Email is also our method for informing you about problems we may be experiencing, downtimes, or other important announcements. Your experience with Emulab (and ours with you) will be much more pleasant if everyone is responsive to email.