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Emulab FAQ: Operations and Policy: Restricted access for SIGCOMM'06

Emulab FAQ: Operations and Policy: Restricted access for SIGCOMM'06

From: Leigh Stoller 
Subject: Restricted access for SIGCOMM
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 10:06:16 -0800

You MUST read this if you want Emulab access in the run up to the SIGCOMM
2006 deadline on Feburary 10th.

Due to the high demand for Emulab resources before the deadline we are
once again allowing you to handle resource scheduling.  There is a
social element and some technical elements.

Basically, we are going to let you self-schedule.

It will be up to you, the experimenters on imminent deadline, to manage
this yourselves, including working out schedules and allocations.  Our
role will be approver, and, if necessary, enforcer and adjudicator.
(But we're busy and we'd rather not, so play nice with each other!)

We are using the project-oriented collaboration tools to provide
communication channels for you, and to provide access only to those
with imminent deadlines.

1) If you are working on a SIGCOMM deadline or otherwise have permission
   from us to work on an imminent deadline, you *MUST* go to this page
   and join the DEADLINE project.  Don't fake it-- we can find out who
   really has submitted an abstract.  Make sure you are already logged
   into the Emulab web interface, and then go here (or click "join

   Unless you are a member of this project, when resources get tight you
   will not be able to swap in any experiments-- which will probably
   start about a week prior to the deadline.  Please note that you can
   *not* use the special DEADLINE project to *run* your experiments; you
   only need to be a member of it.  For experimentatiion, continue to
   use whatever projects you currently use.

2) Send email to giving us your project
   name, explaining your need, and cc'ing your official project head
   (typically the faculty member). 

3) Once you are a member of the DEADLINE project, you should use some of
   Emulab's new Collaboration tools to arrange resource use with other
   members of that project.

   We expect to restrict the resources used by almost all other projects.
   We will get involved if there are problems or detect gross unfairness,
   but we'd rather not.

   Here are the DEADLINE project collaboration tools that will be available
   as soon as you join that project, clearly marked in the "Collaboration"
   submenu on the left hand side of the Emulab web interface.

   * Mailing list:, a normal Mailman mailing
     list, can be used to send email to everyone on deadline.  You can
     create new DEADLINE-* lists there, as well.

   * Wiki: You can use the scheduling form we provided on the DEADLINE
     project wiki to aid you in reserving times when you need lots of
     nodes.  Or you can build a fancier one.  Or whatever.  Use the "My
     Wikis" link.

   * Chat Room.  There is an DEADLINE chatroom on the Emulab chat
     server. If you go to the "My Chat Buddies" link, you will see your
     jabber id and your password.  Use whatever client you like, as long
     as it speaks jabber.

     To join the chatroom, the room name is "DEADLINE" and the server is
     "". You do not need a password to enter the