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We have moved the Emulab source repository from CVS to git. Please see our GitRepository page for up-to-date information about how to get the Emulab source code.

Emulab FAQ: Emulab Source Code: Read-Only Access to Emulab CVS

We provide read-only access to the Emulab CVS repository for some developers at other sites. At the present time, this is mostly limited to administrators of Emulab installations who have shown an interest in contributing code. If you fall into this category, send mail to testbed-ops to request an account on our CVS server. Please include an ssh public key when you send your request.

The CVS server is, and is accessed through ssh. Access is only via public key, passwords are not allowed. This server is intended for CVS access only - you'll find it doesn't have much of anything at all installed.

CVSROOT on this machine is /flux/CVS. The Emulab and ProtoGENI code are in the module testbed.

So, to do a checkout, you would do the following:

cvs -d checkout testbed

Once you have a CVS checkout, following the instructions for upgrading your site.

If you would like to track the daily CVS commits, there are two possibilities:

  1. Visit the online Changelog an a regular basis.
  2. Send a request to testbed operations to place you on the CVS commit mailing list. Each commit log entry is sent to this list, which sounds like a lot of traffic, but is not that bad, really.