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Emulab FAQ: Testbed Operations: How do I clean up orphaned VLANs?

Emulab FAQ: Testbed Operations: How do I clean up orphaned VLANs?

Okay, I've got it cleaned up. I ended up doing it by hand instead of using snmpit -c. Here's what I did:

First, I found all VLANs that weren't supposed to exist by doing:

wap snmpit -l -w

which lists all VLANs (-l) plus their VLAN numbers on the switch (-w).

I then tried to delete ones that didn't belong to a running experiment (as evidenced by an empty "Project/Experiment" column. Like so:

snmpit -o 900

(note, you can give more than one -o option at a time)

But this failed on c2980-netlab. I logged into it to check it out, and tried removing the vlan by hand. It complained that it was set up as a VTP client, which it most certainly shouldn't have been (I suspect you changed that when you were trying to get things working?) I fixed this with a set vtp mode transparent on it. At that point, snmpit started working again.

But only for some VLANs. It failed on the ones you had deleted manually on the 4006 and 4506, but not on the 2980; it got confused about their existing on some switches and not others. So, I had to remove a bunch from the 2980 manually.

I just managed to create a VLAN just fine - why don't you try to swap in an experiment and see if things are back to normal?