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Emulab FAQ: Using the Testbed: All things Java

Emulab FAQ: Using the Testbed: All things Java

We get many questions about Java on Emulab. The bulk of the questions fall into these categories:

  • Is Java installed?
    No, Java is not installed. It takes up a lot of space on the disk images, and since only a small subset of researchers require Java, we let those researchers deal with it themselves. Besides, everyone has their own idea of what version is best, so we do not try to guess.
  • What version of Java should I install?
    See answer to previous question!
  • How do I install Java?
    Good Question! Seeing as we are operating system and network weenies, we do not know much about installing the many different versions of java on all of the different operating systems we support. You are basically on your own, but [ Google] is certainly your friend and best source of information. Be sure to ask other members of your project for help as well, since other people have probably walked this path before you. Noting the previous disclaimers, here is one answer for inspiration (probably dated by the time you read this): It's quite easy to install a JDK on our FC4-STD image; just go to, click the first download button for JDK 6, and then download the "Linux self-extracting file" from the next page. Read the installation instructions! For example,
  • My Java program does not work correctly. Can you help me?
    This should come as no surprise given the previous answers ... but you are absolutely on your own when it comes to debugging your Java applications. The best response you are likely to get from us is "have your rebooted your machine and power cycled your cable modem"