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Emulab FAQ: Using the Testbed: Resources Temporary Unavailable

Emulab FAQ: Using the Testbed: Resources Temporary Unavailable

An error of this type is likely because there are insufficient free nodes of the right type at this time. To see how many nodes are available right now, or when nodes will be available in the future, check out the: cluster status page.

It is also possible that currently available nodes do not meet the criteria you specified, for example, you need 10Gb network interfaces but no nodes with such interfaces are available. The hardware overview page is a good place to start in order to determine the capabilities of the available nodes.

Finally, even if there are nodes currently available, meeting your requirements, you may still get the message if the free nodes are reserved to another project. In this case, you might try making a reservation.

Not sure how to proceed or have further questions about this error? Join the Emulab users group ( and ask a question. Be sure to include the error message in your question, and the name of your project and experiment.