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Stuff to do in order to make a fresh Fedora 8 testbed ready for both the 32 bit and 64 bit (x86_64) versions

make ext2 fs on /dev/hda4 and then mount it.

I recommend putting all working files on this partition so that they won't appear in the final image

mount /dev/hda4 /z

Copy the testbed source to /z/testbed somehow.

export testbed_src=/z/testbed
export etc_patches=${testbed_src}/doc/updating-RHL/Fedora8-etc-patches
export tz=MST7MDT

Mount /share to make some things easier.

cd /
mkdir -p "/share"
mount -o hard,intr,udp "fs:/share" "/share"

Disable kudzu at boot-time.

# XXX no need if the kudzu rpms are removed
#/sbin/chkconfig kudzu off

Kill off CUPS.

/sbin/chkconfig cups off

Enable ssh 1

patch /etc/ssh/sshd_config < $etc_patches/sshd_config.patch

Install an appropriate /etc/inittab:

  • Run a getty in ttyS0
  • Do not run getty's for most virtual consoles (tty1, ...)
patch /etc/inittab < $etc_patches/inittab.patch

Enable all wheel members to `sudo'.

patch /etc/sudoers < $etc_patches/sudoers.patch

Log ssh' logins to'.

patch /etc/rsyslog.conf < $etc_patches/rsyslog.conf.patch

/etc/localtime, Copy the correct file over from /usr/share/zoneinfo

# XXX: should be necessary if correct timezone was selected at install time
#rm -f /etc/localtime
#install -o root -g root -m 644 "/usr/share/zoneinfo/${tz}" /etc/localtime

Make the default locale "C"

patch /etc/sysconfig/i18n < $etc_patches/sysconfig-i18n.patch

Add sbin to path for all users not just root

patch /etc/profile < $etc_patches/profile.patch
patch /etc/csh.login < $etc_patches/csh.login.patch

Remove 000-delay.cron from cron.daily//weekly/monthly

these files will cause problems for "prepare".

rm /etc/cron.daily/000-delay.cron /etc/cron.weekly/000-delay.cron \

Disable selinux

patch /etc/selinux/config < $etc_patches/selinux-config.patch

Remove ccache.

It will cause gcc to hang since it tries to store the contents of the cache in the home directory (.cccahe). Which doesn't work over nfs on emulab for some reason.

rpm -e ccache

Disable the firewall.

This will cause problems with some of emulab client software

chkconfig iptables off

Fix up device drivers

disable udev-post, as it adds persistent udev rules, and as a result eth devices will get high-numbered names like eth8+

chkconfig udev-post

Now go though /etc/udev/70-persistent-cd.rules and /etc/udev/70-persistent-net.rules and remove any devices settings.

Also fix up /etc/modprobe.conf, must remove eth* aliases, also need to add scci_hostadapter aliases, best to just use the one in $etc_patches:

cp etc_patches/modprobe.conf /etc

Add wireless cards to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

patch /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist < $etc_patches/blacklist.patch

For the 64 bit image enable listing the arch when using "rpm -qa"

echo '%_query_all_fmt  %%{name}-%%{version}-%%{release}.%%{arch}' > /etc/rpm/macros

Reinstall grub

For some reason the f8 installer may hardcoded the bios boot drive address, which may cause problems with the wireless nodes that boot off a USB memory stick.

sudo grub
grub> find /boot/grub/grub.conf
grub> root (hd0,1)
grub> setup (hd0,1)
grub> quit

Fix up grub.conf

Change the terminal line to:

terminal --dumb --timeout=0 serial console

Install tcsh

Only bash is installed by default, however the c shell is needed by the program agent.

yum install tcsh

Install Keys

emulab-keys.tar.gz created by running

sh ${testbed_src}/doc/updating-RHL/tar-keys

on an exiting node

Note: root password will get installed by prepare

Install "pubsub"

download from cvs

Install Boost.

XXX no need, now standard rpm

Install the Emulab client stuff.

mkdir testbed-obj
../testbed/configure  --with-TBDEFS=../testbed/defs-default
make client
make client-install

Add/remove rpms.

Done manually, compare your RPM list to Fedora8-rpm-list.txt using something like:

cut -f1 < Fedora8-rpm-list.txt | uniq > Fedora8-rpm-names.txt
rpm -qa --queryformat '%{NAME}\n' | sort -u > mine.txt
comm Fedora8-rpm-names.txt mine.txt

For the 64 bit image, also remove most of the 32 bit libraries he file Fedora8-rpm-list.txt contains the arch as the third column grep for "i.86" to figure out which 32 bit libraries where kept. You may also find Fedora8-rpm-list-install.txt usefull. It is the rpm list after the initial install for the 32 bit Fedora image.

NOTE: used 'rpm -qa --queryformat '%{NAME}\t%{VERSION}\t%{ARCH}\n' | sort' to create Fedora8-rpm-list.txt

ALSO NOTE: The set of packages on the 32 bit and 64 bit Fedora are the same except for a few extra 32 bit libraries on the 64 bit image, thus the package list Fedora8-rpm-list.txt is good to compare against for both versions.

Fine tune services

Enable the following and only the following services using "sudo ntsysv"

  [*] acpid        
  [*] anacron      
  [ ] atd          
  [ ] autofs       
  [ ] avahi-daemon 
  [ ] bgpd         
  [ ] cpuspeed     
  [*] crond        
  [ ] cups         
  [ ] gated        
  [ ] gpm          
  [ ] ip6tables    
  [ ] iptables     
  [*] irqbalance   
  [ ] lm_sensors   
  [ ] mdmonitor    
  [*] messagebus   
  [ ] netconsole   
  [*] netfs        
  [ ] netplugd     
  [*] network      
  [ ] nfs          
  [*] nfslock      
  [*] ntpd         
  [ ] ospf6d       
  [ ] ospfd        
  [ ] psacct       
  [ ] racoon       
  [ ] rdisc        
  [ ] restorecond  
  [ ] ripd         
  [ ] ripngd       
  [*] rpcbind      
  [ ] rpcgssd      
  [*] rpcidmapd    
  [ ] rpcsvcgssd   
  [*] rsyslog      
  [ ] saslauthd    
  [*] sendmail     
  [ ] smartd       
  [*] sshd         
  [ ] udev-post    
  [ ] xfs          
  [ ] zebra

Optional: Install jove from source:

Update to latest version. Note this may also update the kernel.

yum update


Install rude/crude.

cd "${local_build_root}"
tar zxf rude-0.70.tar.gz 
cd rude
gmake install

Install "gated"

#XXX --- compile w/o debugging?
#cd "${local_build_root}"
## wget
#tar zxf gated-3-6.tar.gz
#cd gated-public-3_6
#gmake depend
#gmake install
# Installs just `/usr/local/sbin/gated'.

Version built from source doesn't work, install RHL7.3 RPM instead

rpm -i /share/redhat/7.3/RPMS/gated-3.6-14.i386.rpm

Install kernel

/share/fedora/F8/src on

When all done testing create a final image.

Prep the image

yum clean all
find /var/cache/man -type f | xargs rm

NOTE prepare now run automataically

Create an image via the web interface.