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Software Overview

Software Overview

  • Master server, database, web server, name server, trusted disk-image server
    • Runs FreeBSD 6.2. This is the master machine for the testbed software. Runs all the critical software components and thus is not directly accessible by testbed users. Mediates (via the database) access to node power cycling and disk-image loading as well as providing DNS and web services.

  • NFS and SFS file server, login/control/console access point, serial line server.
    • Also known as and Currently runs FreeBSD 6.2. This is the main server machine for users of the testbed and is where shared home directories and all project files live. While most of the testbed configuration process is done via the Web interface, a few things must be done while logged into These testbed specific commands and programs are contained in /usr/testbed/bin. Your skeleton login files already have this directory in your path.

  • pc[001-XXX]: Each Emulab has a variety of testnodes that are available to users.
    • Please see the hardware page for a complete description of available hardware types. In general, all testbed nodes run a variety of operating systems including FreeBSD, Redhat Linux, Fedora Core, and even Windows XP.
    • Registered users can find out exactly what operating systems are supported on each node type by clicking on List OSIDs in the Emulab web interface "Experimentation" drop down menu.
    • You can also run whatever OS you like by loading your own OS image. Please see the FAQ and Tutorial for more information.

  • Wide-area nodes: Utah Emulab Only FreeBSD 4.6 with additions for robustness and for participation in the wide area Netbed.