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Emulab Installation Documentation


Required Software

The following list contains all of the software you will need to install Emulab. We recommend downloading all of it beforehand to avoid delays during the install process. Contact us for any Emulab-specific packages that are not yet publicly available.

FreeBSD (10.0) - [590MB]

FreeBSD is the Operating System for all Emulab servers. Only the first CD will be required for a standard installation.
Note: You will want to install the 64-bit version, NOT the the 32-bit version. Make sure that the hardware you are installing FreeBSD on supports 64-bit OSes!

Main page:


Emulab Server Package tarball (10.0) - [272MB]


Emulab-tested Ports collection for (10.0) - [63MB]


See the for details about how this ports tree differs from the standard 10.0 distribution.

Emulab source tree

Get a copy of the emulab-stable source code from the Emulab Git repository.

Emulab MFS and disk images

Memory filesystems (MFS) and default images will now be downloaded and customized automatically as part of the emulab-install script when it is run on your boss node.