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FREEBSD 4.3 Patches

FREEBSD 4.3 Patches

*** Minor errno=0 fix to avoid repeated error condition never being

*** Minor errno=0 fix and minimum tftp packet size check fix. Both of
    these from

*** Local change: Add "rootpath" to the tftp path, since our tftpd
    rejects client requests that are not properly rooted in one of the
    allowed directories. That is /boot/kernel is not allowed, but
    instead must be /tftpboot/boot/kernel. Now, "rootpath" is a
    library global that holds the DHCP root-path option, and is used
    in the NFS side of things, but is not used in the tftp side. I
    don't know why, and it seems like this could never work without

*** Various definitions for building pxeldr support with TFTP, higher
    console speed, hardwired serial console. 

*** Minor ifdefs to put boot loader into serial mode. This is
    necessary since the pxeldr bypasses the first two boot stages, and
    so there are no boot flags passed in. Maybe there is a way to pass
    boot flags in via DHCP, but I don't know what it is.

*** Minor pxe/rom bug workarounds to avoid trashed pointer (esi
    register), as discoverd by Mike in the OSKit pxeboot program.