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This file contains notes about the error codes from a few testbed programs that provide information more than sucess/failure in their return values.

NOTE: It's possible that this file has gotten out of sync with reality, so sure to check the program in question before using these.

   0 - success
   1 - failure; try assign again
   2 - failure; do not try assign again - the given top can never map to
       the given ptop
   0 - success
   >0 = failure, returncode is 1 OR a subset of:
    2 - max_concurrent violation
    4 - bandwidth violation
    8 - linkusers violation
   16 - desires violation
   32 - unassigned (e.g., not enough nodes, I think)
   64 - "recoverability":
        Think of this as "clean";
        indicates that assign_wrapper did not get past the assigning phase;
        [If a swap-modify fails, this must be set for recovery to happen]
   0 - success
   1 - failure not involving assign_wrapper
   >1 - failure from assign_wrapper;
        returncode is whatever assign_wrapper returned,
        WITHOUT the '64' bit set.