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Arista Switch Configuration for snmpit

Arista Switch Configuration for snmpit


To operate on Arista switch, snmpit needs to communicate via XMP-RPC with a daemon running on switch side. The switch-side daemon accepts commands from snmpit on boss and uses Sysdb interfaces in Arista EOS environment for switch configuring. As a result, when installing Emulab with Arista switch, the switch-side daemon has to be set up properly so that snmpit can work. This guide describes how to set up the switch-side daemon to enable automatic startup on switch.

Setup Steps

The following steps need to be performed when installing Emulab with Arista switch support:

  1. SSH to switch after main Emulab installation on boss.
  2. Start bash on switch by typing commands: "enable" then "bash".
  3. Copy /$TBHOME/lib/snmpit_test/ to /mnt/flash/ on switch using tftp or other tools.
  4. Make sure the daemon is executable: "chmod a+x /mnt/flash/".
  5. Type "exit" to return to switch CLI.
  6. Type "config" to enter configuration context.
  7. Run command: "event-handler snmpitd" to add a new event-handler on switch.
  8. Run command: "action bash /usr/bin/immortalize --log=/var/log/snmpit_agent.log --daemonize /mnt/flash/" to set up command to run.
  9. Run command: "trigger onBoot" to set up when to run the command.
  10. Run command: "delay 5" to set delay time to 5 seconds.
  11. "exit" to exit event-handler configuration and then "write memory" to save the configuration.
  12. "reload" to reboot switch to check whether the configuration works or not.
  13. After rebooting, the daemon should run and output its log to /var/log/snmpit_agent.log. Use "show event-handler" after "enable" in switch CLI to check the daemon event handler.
  14. You can also use "ps -A | grep snmpit" to check the runtime status of snmpit daemon in switch's Bash terminal as described in step 2.

After the above steps, the snmpit daemon is set up on switch and should automatically start up after switch booting up.