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Ubuntu Removing unwanted packages

From: "macondo"

you are right, 'apt-get remove' does not do the job throughly, the
solution to your problem, IMHO, can be solved this way, which is what
i do in order to remove everything pertaining to the package in

apt-get install deborphan debfoster

#apt-get remove --purge package
#apt-get clean

the later will clean the /var


will show files and libraries still left after the apt-get remove
--purge, if you don't recognize a library, keep it, later on,
deborphan will give you a list of 'orphaned' libraries that are
hanging with no use, and are safe to nuke.

if you make a mistake with debfoster, type 'u' and will ask you again
if you want to keep it. When you are thru with it, invoke deborphan.


will give a list of libraries that are hanging just taking space, to
get rid of them:

#deborphan | xargs apt-get -y remove purge

when thru with that:

#apt-get clean