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Emulab FAQ: Getting Started: How do I report a specific problem?

Emulab FAQ: Getting Started: How do I report a specific problem?

Don't hesitate to send us email!

Ok, hesitate just a little and read the rest of this entry first. Before sending email, be sure to check out the Troubleshooting entry which describes several common problems and possible causes. If you do send email, there are several pieces of information you should include to make our job easier.

  • The affected project and experiment name is pretty obvious, but some people forget.
  • The particular nodes, OSes, and programs involved will help us zero in on the problem more quickly.
  • The time at which the problem occurred. We need this to correlate with our various log files.
  • Any relevant observations and actions you have attempted. Did the problem only happen once? Is it reproducible? Did restarting a program or rebooting a node help?

After sending email, please do not swap or terminate the experiment, if possible. It can be a lot harder to track down a problem after the experiment is gone. Sometime you may need to terminate it, for example it is in the middle of the night our time and you really need the nodes that are tied up in the experiment. But at least give us 15 minutes to respond to your message before acting, and then let us know that you did swap/terminate it.