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Emulab FAQ: Getting Started: I'm a project leader. Can I designate TAs?

Emulab FAQ: Getting Started: I'm a project leader. Can I designate TAs?

Yes. To designate a TA, you must first create a project group. A project group is a lot like a unix group, and in fact unix groups is the mechanism used to protect members of one group from members of another group. When you create a group, you designate a group leader who is responsible for approving users who apply to join the group. Group leaders may also terminate experiments that have been created by members of the group. As Project Leader, you may also shift members of your project in and out of your project's groups as you like, and you are automatically a member of all groups within your project. As a convenience, all new projects are created with one new group, termed the default group. As its name implies, whenever the group is left unspecified in a form, it defaults to the project group (this allows you to create a project without any sub groups at all; new members join the default group, new experiments are created in the default group, etc.).

Project groups are created via the Project Information link at your left. Simply go to the project page in which you want to create a group, and look for the "Create New Group" link. More information on project groups is available via the Emulab Documentation page in the Groups Tutorial.