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Trouble Shooting Network Setup

Trouble Shooting Network Setup

Here you have a set of common error messages and what they might possibly mean. Not intended to be comprehensive ...


*** ERROR: snmpit:
***   SNMP GET failed - In /usr/testbed/bin/snmpit
***   SNMPIT get failed for device cisco2 (try 30 of 30)
***   Variable was [sysDescr,0,(undefined),(undefined)]
***   Returned (undefined), ErrorNum was -24
***   Error string is: Timeout
*** ERROR: tbswap: Failed to set up VLANs.

A timeout could mean that the IP connectivity between boss and the switch is broken, or it could mean that the community string is wrong: confusingly, under some circumstances, a SNMP server will simply not reply to packets with the wrong community string, making this error indistinguishable from loss of connectivity. Fetching "sysDescr", as seen in the error message above, is the first interaction snmpit has with a switch in a given session.


  • Make sure you can ping the switch from boss
  • Make sure SNMP is enabled on the switch
  • Try the command-line tool "snmpwalk <switchname> <community_string>" to see if the problem might be with the way the community string is set in the database


***   WARNING: snmpit:
***   SNMP SET failed - In /usr/testbed/bin/snmpit
***   SNMPIT set failed for device cisco2 (try 10 of 10)
***   Variable was [portDuplex,0.19,2,INTEGER]
***   Returned (undefined), ErrorNum was 6
***   Error string is: noAccess

This might mean that the snmp community string on the switches has not been set, or that it does not match the values that in the switch_stack_types table in your database.

It might also mean that your wires table does not match the actual card/port into which your wires are actually connected.


*** WARNING: snmpit:
***   SNMP SET failed - In /usr/testbed/bin/snmpit
***   SNMPIT set failed for device expswitch1 (try 10 of 10)
***   Variable was [portAdminSpeed,2.26,1000000000,INTEGER]
***   Returned (undefined), ErrorNum was 11
***   Error string is: noCreation

This error generally means that you are trying to access an SNMP object that doesn't exist, and the switch will not automatically create such an object. This is seen this most often when the index within a table is incorrect - eg: above it is trying to set object 2.26 in the portAdminSpeed tables. One of two things might be the cause:

  1. Ports 2/26 does not exist in your switch
  2. This is on a switch that needs indexing by ifIndex rather than card and port - eg. an issue of Cisco IOS vs. CatOS - what kind of switch is this, and if it's a Cisco, did you make sure to follow the bits in the setup instructions that indicated which OS the switch is running?