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Commit Access to Emulab CVS

Commit Access to Emulab CVS

We will be giving a number of outside developers commit access to the Emulab CVS repository.

General prerequisites to getting commit access to Emulab CVS:

  1. Submit a number of patches, over a period of time, that are accepted by the Emulab developers
  2. Follow the general conventions (we don't have rigid rules) found in existing Emulab code
  3. Show yourself to be careful (see note below)

Access to the repository is the same as described for read-only CVS, we'll simply add you to the committers group in the repository.

Expectations for those with commit access:

  1. VERY IMPORTANT_: Utah runs on the HEAD of CVS - so assume that anything you commit WILL be installed in Utah within hours, and if you break anything, you will have to deal with some very cranky people.
  2. Be careful! See # 1.
  3. You will be added to the testbed-dev list at Utah, where many of the development discussions take place, so that you can let us know what projects you're working on, and you can see what others are working on.
  4. Discuss non-trivial changes with Utah before committing, or better yet, before starting on them (the more you commit, the more this expectation is relaxed.)
  5. Big changes should be tested using an Emulab in Emulab before committing.