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Audit Mode

Audit Mode

By default, immediately after installation, Windows starts Windows Welcome. However, you can configure a computer to boot to audit mode instead.

Audit mode enables you to customize a Windows installation without having to configure the user interface pages of Windows Welcome. During Windows Welcome, you are prompted to create user accounts and configure your location and time zone. By booting to audit mode you can ensure that the Windows image you are customizing would not have additional configurations that you would need to remove. Audit mode is ideal for making change to a Windows image before capturing the image for reuse in your organization.

In audit mode, you can:

Bypass Windows Welcome. You can access the desktop as quickly as possible. You do not have to configure default settings such as a user account, location, and time zone.

Install applications, add device drivers, and run scripts. You can connect to a network and access additional installation files and scripts. You can also install additional language packs and device drivers.

Test the validity of a Windows installation before deploying the computer for the end user. Before deploying to end users, you can perform tests on the system without creating a user account. Then you can prepare the system to start in Windows Welcome on the next boot.

For more detail please refer to Audit Mode Reference